There are many definitions of what chaplaincy is. Perhaps the most accurate is 'loitering with intent'. Chaplains are at large in the community in all sorts of areas. They are found in prisons, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, in sporting clubs, in police stations, in detention centres, in universities, among people with disabilities and in times of disaster. Chaplains are present building relationships, providing encouragement and understanding. They loiter with the intent of being a resource in all of the highs and lows of human life.

Chaplains are in a very real sense on the front line of representing (making present again) Jesus to the world God loves. These are key roles and demand the best people the church has to offer. It takes a special gift to be accepted among a largely unchurched community and to journey with people starting wherever they are.

There are chaplains in many of the community and aged care services, hopsital, schools and colleges associated with the Uniting Church. A number of these come from other denominational backgrounds. There are also a variety of ecumenical chaplaincies overseen by the South Australian Heads of Christian Churches Chaplaincy Committee (HC4). Uniting Church ministers are among those in these appointments.

Chaplains work with caring professionals in a veriety of settings, from prisons to hospitals, aged care and schools.

For information on supporting Mental Health Chaplaincy or Prison Chaplaincy, please click here.

Uniting Church chaplains

To contact a chaplain please use the links below or for general enquiries about Uniting Church chaplaincy please ring the Placements and Safe Church Unit (08) 8236 4204.

Aged Care

Eldercare - Acacia Court/ Oxford
Rev Andrew Diprose

Eldercare - Allambi
Rev Adam Tretheway

Rev Ron Roberts

Eldercare - Evanston Park
Maria Kemp

Eldercare - Maitland/Stansbury
Andrew Chambers

Eldercare - Sash Ferguson
Jo-Anne Lane

Eldercare - Seaford
Oliver Ponsonby

Eldercare - Trowbridge/The Lodge
Carol Boyce

Eldercare The Lodge
Kim Thoday

Helping Hand Aged Care
Rev Gayle McClimont

Resthaven - Bellevue Heights
Rev Frances Bartlett

Resthaven - Craigmore
Rev Trevor Whitney

Resthaven Marion/Aberfoyle Park 
Rev Bruce Grindlay

Resthaven - Malvern/ Mitcham
Rev Priscilla Hein

Resthaven - Mt Gambier
Pastor Dianne Bailey-Walters

Resthaven - Leabrook/ Paradise
Rev Cate Baker

Resthaven - Murray Bridge
Shelley Alexander

Resthaven - Westbourne Park/ Port Elliott
Rev Anne Butler


Annesley Junior School
Peter Morton

Flinders University
Rev Dave Williamson

Lincoln College
(please contact the college directly for more info)>

Pedare Christian College
John Morton

Pilgrim School
(please contact the school directly for more info)>

Prince Alfred College
Rev Mark Dickens

Scotch College
(please contact the school directly for more info)>

Seymour College
(please contact the school directly for more info)

Westminster School
Rev Phil Hoffman


Ashford Hospital
Rev Liz Dyson

Flinders Private Hospital
Rev Steve Thompson

Memorial Hospital
Rev Leanne Jenski

Royal Adelaide Hospital
Rev Nicholas Rundle

St Andrew's Hospital
Rev Peter Morel

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Rev Sarah Williamson (ring hospital reception)

Women's and Children's Hospital
Ecumenical team

Disabilities Ministry

Rev Trevor Whitney

Mental Health Chaplaincy

Rev Wendy Prior: Please contact via Lyell McEwin Hospital (ring hosiptal reception)

Rev Mark Boyce: Please contact via Queen Elizabeth Hospital (ring hospital reception)

Prison Chaplaincy

Contact via Corrections