Uniting Church Fellowship and Mission Support


In 2018, UCAF, Frontier Services volunteers and National World Mission joined forces to bring about a more focussed support for these three important mission areas.

This committee coordinates Uniting Church Fellowship groups throughout the Presbytery Synod of South Australia. The committee promotes wider fellowship and mission and represents UC Fellowships on ecumenical and other occasions. The committee is accountable to the Standing Committee through the Team Leader of Mission Resourcing.

  • President - Rev Sue Ellis
  • Secretary - Janet Woodward
  • Treasurer, Fellowships and Mission Support - Janet Woodward
  • Treasurer, National World Mission - Rae Cranwell
  • Treasurer, Frontier Services volunteers - Janet Woodward

Theme: The Earth is the Lord's

Project: Environmental action

Uniting Church Fellowships

Uniting Church Fellowships seeks to develop, encourage and strengthen its members in fellowship, knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, and through this to minister prayerfully and practically, in outreach to others.

Our objectives are to:

  • Support and encourage city, suburban and rural groups
  • Make effective contact with new and younger groups
  • Increase participation of women and men
  • Promote knowledge of, and support for the Mission work of UCA (e.g. The National and World Mission and Frontier Services)

Uniting Church Fellowships in South Australia is alive and well with approximately 100 affiliated groups and 1600 members across the State.

Our team coordinates the: 

Red Dove Café 

Raising funds for mission within the Synod of South Australia. We have supported Chaplaincies, Frontier Services, UAICC, Uniting Care and others.

This Café is manned by Volunteers for the ten days of the show. 

Packing Day

Oversees the Packing Day when second hand clothes and goods are packed to be sent to Aboriginal Mission areas in Northern Australia.

Sally Stamp Group

Prepares and sells used stamps to raise funds for sending books to schools in the Pacific. 

Frontier Services 

The group promotes and supports the work of Frontier Services throughout remote Australia.

The primary purpose is to raise funds in order to support the Uniting Church in Australia, through its network of Bush Chaplains and About Links, in their pastoral work with Indigenous communities, isolated properties, mining sites and other remotely located communities. 

Frontier Services mission statement: “To support, link and empower the people of Outback Australia by creating connections and mobilising resources”.

For more information on the organisation, Frontier Services, visit: Facebook>  Website>

For more information on Missions, go to the UnitingWorld website 

Visit the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women website


Frontier Services Chaplains


God bless you all as you continue to love and serve the Lord.

Janet Woodward,
Secretary, Uniting Church Fellowship and Mission Support