Uniting Church SA Relief Fund

The Uniting Church in South Australia has a long standing commitment to people experiencing difficulties arising from poverty, marginalisation and disaster. This commitment is expressed through the ministry and mission of our congregations, community services associated with the Uniting Church and through chaplaincies.

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Currently there are three different ministry areas which are supported from the Uniting Church SA Relief Fund. Please click on the buttons below to make your donation. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. You will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes following payment. Thank you for your support to these valuable ministries!

Bushfire Relief SA

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Bushfire is the most likely natural disaster to occur in SA.

In the past few years, several SA communities have been hit by devastating bushfires. Most recently on 20 December 2019, the Adelaide Hills have been ravaged by the fire originating at Cudlee Creek, once again leaving a huge impact on families, property and the environment where many live and work, and others choose to find recreation. Other areas of the state (Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and the Mallee) have also been impacted in recent times.

As God’s church we believe it is vital that we respond with God’s compassion and love by caring for others in trauma. We are motivated by our faith to serve however and wherever we are needed because Jesus reminded us that when we meet the needs of others, we are doing it for him. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Donations to the Uniting Church SA Relief Fund will be used to support local congregations as they serve the people in their fire-affected communities, whether that be through the provision of chaplaincy, extra pastoral support, special events to assist in recovery or practical help in a myriad of ways. Your donation is tax deductible and will assist these congregations to actively demonstrate God’s grace to people who are in great physical, emotional and spiritual distress as a result of this disaster.


Mental Health Chaplaincy

Mental health is an area receiving increasing attention. Many of us have been touched by our own struggles or by the difficulties faced by family and friends. We may have also experienced a sense of helplessness as we have seen the suffering of people marginalised by their mental illness. One of the church's key responses to mental illness is through the provision of chaplaincies. The Uniting Church has established a tax deductible fund to finance and promote ministry and mission to the sufferers of mental illness, including the provision of mental health chaplaincy.

Research would indicate that Mental Health Chaplains have a significant impact on the well being of people they work with. Chaplains are often able to offer support and care beyond the services offered by other agencies, working in the community with those affected by mental illness. They also work with congregations in building understanding and ministry. Your support also helps fund education for our chaplains and other leaders to deepen their understanding of mental health.

We believe that this is a ministry that shares in God's concern for the "least of these", people who are often among the poorest in our community, bereft of many of the connections that give us resilience. Your gift will help alleviate suffering and develop networks of care and concern.

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Prison Ministry Chaplaincy

Another important focus is prison ministry. Remembering Jesus' call to a compassionate ministry of presence of healing with the prisoner we are seeking to grow our ministry to those in prison. Your donation will help us support chaplaincy to our prisons in South Australia where the liberating news of God's love can be shared and people encouraged to make wise and positive decisions about their lives.

Donate to Prison Chaplaincy