Justice Advocacy


Workshops/Webinar Resources for Transforming Justice & Intercultural Ministry


The document below includes a list of justice and cultural related webinars and worships which can be used for Presbyteries, congregations, and groups of lay leaders/ministers. 

Explore these free resources to grow in understanding of justice advocacy and intercultural ministry.

Workshop/webinar resources for Transforming Justice & Intercultural Ministry



Refugee Advocacy During COVID-19


The Synod of SA have joined over 180 civil society organisations including ACOSS, ACTU, Amnesty International, World Vision and the Refugee Council of Australia in calling for #NobodyLeftBehind during COVID-19.

We are calling for full access to Medicare, expanded JobSeeker and JobKeeper and visa security for people. The Moderator and Synod Refugee Advocacy Group have submitted a joint letter to all members of the Uniting Church of South Australia to raise awareness of this issue. 

Below is a letter writting guide to help assist you write a letter or email to your congregation and/or community. Feel free to personalise it using the guide below.

Letter-writing Guide for Venerable People during COVID-19.pdf



What is Social Justice?


Social justice is at the core of our ethos as a Uniting Church and our mandated mission from Jesus Christ to care for the underprivileged. This commitment arises from the Christian belief that liberation from oppression and injustice is central to the incarnation of God through Jesus Christ (UnitingJustice Australia). An active faith in a just and loving God, and care for those around us are inseparable.

The Synod of SA has a commitment to Solidarity and Justice as a core expression of the Christian faith. At a staff level, we have four staff who work together in Mission Resourcing in the areas of:

  • Transforming Justice
  • International Mission
  • Covenanting
  • Multicultural and Cross Cultural

Beyond the Synod office, there are countless expressions of social justice and many groups initiated by congregations in the life of the Uniting Church. Some of these include: Pilgrim , Malvern, Morialta, Blackwood, Belair, Brougham Place, Coromandel Valley, Glenelg St Andrews by the Sea, Church of the Trinity, and many more.

There are also networks, namely the Urban Mission Network which has a core commitment to social justice. Please contact Turn on Javascript! if you have a particular passion or interest area, or if you are looking for a local justice church group to connect with.