Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Ministry

About CALD Ministry

Purposefully celebrating the God-given gifts of our cultural distinctiveness and diversity, as we follow Christ together in the ministry of all believers (Rev 7:9)

South Australia is beautiful country, rich in culturally and linguistically diverse peoples and blessed by God with safety, stability and opportunity. We are grateful to God for the traditional custodians of this land from all corners of its borders and acknowledge the importance of their cultures, languages and stories and the ongoing influence of their peoples in the fabric of our society.

In the UCSA, reconciliation of humanity with God and the reconciliation of first and second peoples in all their cultural diversity is an ongoing journey we walk together.

In the ministry of the church among its culturally and linguistically diverse communities, following Jesus and his example, we work to build genuine relationship, to give and receive love and ministry one to another. We believe in the ministry of all believers, that God gives us all unique gifts, perspectives and contributions to grow and bless His work. Find out more about the UCA Assembly's Multicultural and Cross Cultural ministry work>

As many South Australian communities are composed of around half of people from CALD backgrounds, we know that we need these gifts, perspectives and contributions from CALD believers to effectively bless our church, our communities and country.

CALD ministry in SA works with a network of CALD ministers, pastors and lay leaders, with leaders from mainstream cultural backgrounds and with diverse communities. This includes monocultural communities (who worship in languages like Korean, Fijian and Dinka Bor) intentionally intercultural churches who have significant CALD participation and leadership and a growing number of mainstream churches who are increasing their capacity to engage with CALD peoples.

One theme through all of these types of communities is the intentional engagement of the next generation of their congregation in the life of the church.

There is often a tenuous balance between relevant faith development in the heart language of the children, youth and young adults of the church (which may possibly be English) and the felt needs of older generations for their language and cultural identity to be valued and practiced in the context of church. Ministry in this area is commonly referred to as ‘second generation’ or ‘next generation’ ministry, as cultural differences are present in families with distinct cultural heritages, even generations after arrival in Australia. The hope of CALD communities of the UCA is that the next generation will make their faith their own and that they will form a strong sense of their own cultural identity and self in the context of the Kingdom of God.

CALD ministry offers workshops for individuals and communities interested in ministry in CALD communities and contexts. Our resources are developed by intercultural teams of ministry leaders and academics from diverse cultural backgrounds, balancing experience and aspiration to see the church strengthened in intercultural communication and inclusive ministry.

The UCA has always had strong commitment to being relevant in our Australian communities. And since 1985, we have considered ourselves to be a ‘Multicultural Church’. Our reality in this millennia is that the future of this church is intergenerational, Christ-centered and intercultural in leadership and in expression.

CALD ministry in SA seeks to be a dynamic, faith-enhancing and life-giving source of worship, truth, inclusion and justice in the life of our church and our state.

In spiritual unity, we work together to see that these values are not just aspirational, but intentionally practiced features of how we ‘do church’ together.