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Lay Preachers Handbook

The Lay Preachers Committee has released an updated version of the Lay Preachers Handbook. It contains information about study requirements, assessment processes and application procedures for becoming a Lay Preacher. It can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Also linked below are application forms which are used as outlined in the handbook.

Lay Preachers Handbook 2016 (1.7 mb PDF) (Please note this Handbook is out-of-date with regard to specific UCLT courses. Please see
Candidate for Lay Preacher - Application for Acceptance for Training (202 kb PDF)
Recognition as a Lay Preacher - Application (270 kb PDF)

Resources for preaching - offered by the Lay Preachers Committee

There were several exciting and inspiring conference events in July attended by members of the Lay Preachers' Committee. Notes from sessions at those conferences are offered here - we hope they will be found to be helpful for people preparing to preach.

From the National Lay Preachers' Conference

From the Transforming Worship national conference

Lay Preachers' Sunday

4 August 2019

Download the pdf Order of Service (and use it to copy and paste into Word) or email to order a Word version.

2019-08-04 Lay Preachers Sunday - landscape (213 kb PDF)

2019-08-04 Lay Preacher's Sunday - portrait (480 kb PDF)

Songs / Hymns are suggestions only – not least because of the great variety of music used in our churches. Congregations are able to add or delete specific elements as required, according to local custom.

There are several ways in which Lay Preachers' Sunday could be celebrated: your congregation may for example, choose to have the service taken in its entirety that day by a Lay Preacher, or you may elect to use just the special liturgy offered for the day. We leave that choice to you.

(Last year's Service: 2018 August 5 - Lay Preachers' Sunday (231 kb PDF))

Thank you for your support.

Max Howland, for Lay Preachers' Committee