Resources Board

Managing the resources of the Uniting Church involves preserving the generous legacies gifted to the Church by past leaders whilst providing sufficient and sustainable resourcing to current ministries.The Resources Board members have expertise in investment, finance, property, law, corporate governance, as well as Uniting Church ethos and polity and mission. The Board is well supported by a number of subcommittees.

Resources Board Mandate

The Resources Board’s overall mandate is:

“To serve the Church by maximising financial and property resources available to the Presbytery and Synod for mission, and to assist the Presbytery and Synod in allocating such resources efficiently in accordance with the mission priorities of the Church whilst managing the risk associated with these decisions.”

Responsibilities of the Resources Board

The Resources Board is responsible to the Presbytery and Synod for:

  1. identifying, incorporating and managing all Presbytery and Synod property and finance resources within one Governance and management structure;
  2. providing accurate and timely accounting and related support services to Presbytery and Synod reporting bodies for which the Presbytery and Synod has a stewardship responsibility;
  3. developing appropriate policy for adoption by the Presbytery and Synod/Standing Committee for all Presbytery and Synod finance, property, accounting and related matters, and ensuring implementation of such approved policy;
  4. providing accounting, financial and property services to Uniting Church members and congregations as it deems appropriate, or as directed by the Presbytery and Synod;
  5. maintaining appropriate links with Presbytery and Synod related bodies in ensuring resources of these bodies are managed effectively and made available appropriately for the mission of the Church;
  6. undertaking other responsibilities as the Presbytery and Synod or its Standing Committee shall determine.

Resources Board Membership

Current Membership of the Resources Board




Rev Rob Stoner*

Non-Executive Chairperson


Rev Felicity Amery*

(General Secretary) Executive Member


Rev Ross Honey*

Non-Executive Member

Accounting, Mission

Mr Michael McClaren*

Non-Executive Member

Investment, Finance

Dr Alice McCleary*

Non-Executive Member

Finance and Accounting

Ms Jessica Carver



Mr Steve Roder*

Non-Executive Member


Mr Peter Battersby*

Ex-officio (Property Officer) Executive Member

Finance, Governance, Human Resources and Strategic Planning

Mr Bronte Wilson*

Ex-officio (Moderator) Executive Member


Rev Philip Gardner

Ex-officio (EO-Pastoral Relations and Mission Planning) Executive Member


The eight members of the Property Trust are ex-officio members of the Resources Board. Property Trust members are indicated in the table above with an asterisk*.

Resources Board Meetings 2021

Meeting dates for 2021 are:

Thursday 18 February

Thursday 25 March

Thursday 20 May

Thursday 29 July

Thursday 16 September

Thursday 18 November

Resources Board Annual Budget Report

The Resources Board presented the 2021 budget to the Presbytery and Synod Annual Meeting - Budget - 2021 Calendar

Resources Board Annual Report

Each year the Resources Board presents a report to the Annual Meeting of Presbytery and Synod. Find the report below:

S2 6 Resources Board and Property Trust Report

Resources Board: Sub-Committees

Uniting Church Investment Committee
Risk Management Committee
Property Committee
Ethical Investment Working Group
Uniting Venues SA Committee
Uniting Church SA Fundraising Sub-Committee