International Mission

Partnering with Christian churches in Asia and Melanesia

In South Australia we partner with Christian churches in Asia and Melanesia to express support and solidarity, learning together in seeking God's way for the world.

Together we engage with many challenging social and spiritual issues, with a focus on encouraging and empowering strong local connections between congregations here and overseas.

The Synod of South Australia works with Uniting World, the Uniting Church's international development agency which is based in Sydney.

There are many ways you can be a part of God's mission in the world beyond Australia, and many opportunities exist by which you can support our brothers and sisters overseas. There are ways to connect and build relationship, especially via congregational or group links, and to understand and be involved in programs that allow us to learn from one other. Some of these include learning about and giving to projects, joining a partnership support group, participating in visits, hosting and hospitality, helping in the International Mission Op Shop at Glenelg.