Mission and Service Fund

Within the Synod of South Australia, Congregations and Faith Communities provide vital financial support to the ministry of the wider Uniting Church by providing 12% of their income to programs and activities of the Synod and its Presbyteries (Generate Presbytery, Presbytery of Southern SA and Wimala Presbytery).

Contributions are provided in two parts:

· The main contribution of 10% is to the Mission and Service Fund which directly supports the ministries of the Synod and each Presbytery

· A further contribution of 2% is specifically collected to support the work of the Presbyteries

In total 6% of contributions are allocated to the Synod and the remaining 6% to each of the Presbyteries.

Congregations experiencing financial hardship may seek a variation to the above contributions using a Variation Request Form. Approved variations are designed to help Congregations navigate through unforeseen financial situations which are outside the control of the Congregation.

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