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UnitingCare SA is in active partnership with several Uniting Churches to create Emergency Relief Centres where people can go for food parcels or prepared take-away meals.

These services have provided well over 100,000 instances of support to South Australians since April 2020.

Most of these services receive no funding to buy food - we are relying on the generosity of the community!

Find food relief at Uniting Churches near you:

  • UnitingCare Enfield: 08 7120 7837 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Gawler: 08 8522 4522 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Glenelg: 08 8295 1771 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Kapunda 08 8566 2125 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Modbury: 08 8117 2219 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Mount Barker: (Dunn Memorial Uniting Church) 08 8391 2513 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Mount Gambier: 08 8725 5377 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Noarlunga: 08 8384 3868 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare North Adelaide (Brougham Place Uniting Church): 8267 2657 Turn on Javascript!
  • Uniting in Care Salisbury: 08 8258 2675 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Taperoo (Lefevre Uniting Church): 08 7120 6558 Turn on Javascript!
  • UnitingCare Woodville Gardens (The Grove Uniting Church): 0412 107 105 Turn on Javascript!

Support UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centres:

  • Connect an ERC with any local businesses or community groups that might be able to help.
  • Donate non-perishable food and food prepared by generous partners like catering companies
  • Volunteer for a UnitingCare ERC near you, as many of our regular volunteers have been asked to stay home for their protection.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations will help UnitingCare ERCs to source food, packaging and safety gear to enable the church to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Response to COVID-19 in the UnitingCare network in SA

There are many UnitingCare organisations in SA and each is responding to the COVID-19 crisis according to its emergency plans. To find out more about a particular organisation, please visit the websites listed below.

Several small organisations based at Uniting Churches will be following the advice of the Uniting Church Synod of SA

Please find links to the responses to COVID-19 by each one of our other associated organisations below:

Aged Care, Community Services and Hospital:


UnitingCare South Australia is the state body for the UnitingCare network, with its focus on Governance, Innovation and Procurement. The network consists of 23 separately incorporated and non-incorporated organisations which deliver community care, aged care, health care and education in order to provide support to the vulnerable and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

The network in South Australia includes over 11,000 employees and 3,000 volunteers. In community services and aged care the network includes over 11,000 staff and volunteers. Schools associated with the Uniting Church have over 2,500 staff and volunteers.

UnitingCare Australia

UnitingCare Australia is the national body for the UnitingCare Network, one of the largest providers of community services in Australia with over 400 service providers nationwide. UnitingCare Australia works with and on behalf of the UnitingCare Network to advocate for policies and programs that will improve people’s quality of life. UnitingCare Australia is committed to speaking with and on behalf of those who are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, for the common good.