Intergenerational Ministry

Intergenerational Team Vision: That young people become life-long disciples of Christ within missional families and faith communities.

Intergenerational Team Key Directions

  1. We resource families to be missional. 
  2. We advocate for an all age, inclusive, approach to congregational life. 
  3. We provide direction to congregations to intentionally disciple children, youth and young adults through and for mission. 
  4. We facilitate ‘mountain top’ experiences for young people that are beyond the scope of single congregations. 
  5. We support and develop leaders in all of the above aspects of ministry with and by young people. (

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Christmas Family Faith Trail - Revised October 2021

We invite your household or small group to explore the events of the Christmas story through five interactive stations across the four weeks of Advent. Each station has a theme, Bible passage, questions to chat about, activity ideas for different ages including adults, and prayer ideas that use locations and items from around the home. This is a great opportunity to grow faith at home for people of all ages, particularly families with children under 12. We hope this resource equips your family to play, talk and pray together so that you may grow in faith, especially as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s great gift.

This information letter of for church leaders and explains the various ways a church can use the Christmas Family Faith Trail resource to bless and encourage families and small groups to grown in faith formation at home. 










Information Letter



September 2020

Engage Together Advent 2020

This Advent resource is designed to assist and inspire churches with ways to adapt elements of a worship liturgy to be more intergenerational during Advent (Nov 29 – Dec 20, 2020). The resource is based on the lectionary readings but the ideas can be adapted to suit any Bible/theme focus.

There is also a fifth service included for Dec 27, 2020. This resource also includes 3 options for an Advent wreath litany (either using candles or water) and an Advent bunting activity to do for the church worship space and to also take home each Sunday of Advent. Intergenerational ideas with what to prepare, say and do are provided for each week’s call to worship, a song, prayers of confession, prayers of the people and a Bible reading.

This resource has been updated from the 2017 Advent resource that was written and produced in partnership across three Uniting Church Synods, including South Australia’s Intergenerational Team. Your feedback about this resource will be gratefully received. Please e-mail your comments to Melissa at


August 2020

Safety Practices for Online Youth Ministry

With many ministries, including with young people, being held online it is important to continue to consider your protective practices to ensure leaders and young people are safe.

Download this document for developing safe online ministry here:

You are probably already doing many of these and may know most of this information, but it might spark some helpful thoughts for you and your ministry team. Even though this has been written specifically for youth ministries it is easily adaptable for ministry with children or other vulnerable people too.

These suggestions may also assist with improving your protective practices when meeting face-to-face as well. For further information about developing clear protective practices and safe ministries, please email or

Connecting Families, Nurturing Faith

‘Connecting Families, Nurturing Faith’ is a resource for ministry leaders to encourage discipleship across households. It includes a step by step process, a checklist, ideas to share with families and information about four recommended resources.

This is not another discipleship resource but is a tool to assist ministry leaders to choose a resource, to communicate with families to nurture faith at home and to encourage families to connect with each other, particularly while we cannot meet face-to-face.


Developed by Melissa Neumann (Synod of South Australia) and Chris Barnett (Synod of Victoria and Tasmania).



July 2020    

The Intergen Team have launched a blog that is aimed at leaders in ministry with children, families, youth and young adults to encourage following Jesus in everyday life. The blog hopes to develop intergenerational discipleship and build leadership capacity, as well as invite leaders to share stories and resources.

Check in here to read all things children resources, childrens ministry and youth and young adilts : 



1. Engage Together: More than worship, more than Sunday: This is a concise document about what intergenerational ministry means (not just intergenerational worship) with tools and examples for churches to consider what their next steps could be in becoming more intergenerational as a whole community across the life of the church. This document also includes a two page fact sheet that summarises what intergenerational ministry means with discussion questions for your context. Engage Together - More than worship, more than Sunday (219 kb PDF)

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3. More resources: There are many more resources available using the menu to navigate Church Resources and Family Resources.