Intergenerational Ministry

Intergenerational Team Vision: That young people become life-long disciples of Christ within missional families and faith communities.

Intergenerational Team Key Directions

  1. We resource families to be missional. (UC SA Key Direction 2)
  2. We advocate for an all age, inclusive, approach to congregational life. (UC SA Key Direction 1, part 4)
  3. We provide direction to congregations to intentionally disciple children, youth and young adults through and for mission. (UC SA Key Direction 2, part 1)
  4. We facilitate ‘mountain top’ experiences for young people that are beyond the scope of single congregations. (UC SA Key Direction 2,all 4 parts)
  5. We support and develop leaders in all of the above aspects of ministry with and by young people. (UC SA Key Direction 3, part 3)

For further information about these key directions please download Intergen Key Directions (2.3 mb PDF)


1. Engage Together: More than worship, more than Sunday: This is a concise document about what intergenerational ministry means (not just intergenerational worship) with tools and examples for churches to consider what their next steps could be in becoming more intergenerational as a whole community across the life of the church. This document also includes a two page fact sheet that summarises what intergenerational ministry means with discussion questions for your context. Engage Together - More than worship, more than Sunday (219 kb PDF)

2. 2019 Intergen Calendar: for Intergen Team ministry events, conferences and key dates please download our 2019 Calendar:  2019 Intergen Calendar (192 kb PDF)

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4. More resources: There are many more resources available using the menu to navigate Church Resources and Family Resources.