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Coronavirus (COVID 19) - Update

The Synod of SA is adapting and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to support our communities, congregations and presbyteries across the state, and this remains our highest priority, while adhering to the latest Government advice.

As we have updates to this topic, they will be detailed on this page.

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8th September 2021: Update to COVID-19 Restrictions in SA

We note that there has been a further announcement to COVID-19 restrictions in South Australia. On Tuesday 7th September, the Police Commissioner indicated a change to the cap for weddings and funerals and other private activities at non-residential premises from 50 to 150.

The Police Commissioner did not announce the date at which these changes would take effect, although we expect it will be 12:01am on Thursday 9th September. We await the publication of the Activities-Associated Direction.

We understand that the main restrictions impacting churches will be as follows:


Attendees at indoor religious services may sing during worship and members of choirs or chorus groups may perform or rehearse indoors, if they wear masks while doing so.

(To ensure masks remain effective and protect you, you should change your mask as soon as it becomes damp and also after you have finished singing. Please make sure you bring spare masks, a bag to keep used masks in, and hand sanitiser to use before and after putting on, or taking off a mask).

The following exemptions from mask wearing during singing apply if:

  • The singer is performing individually (not including a karaoke performer)
  • The singers are members of a group of performers and they are performing or rehearsing in the indoor premises (not including karaoke performers or persons performing or rehearsing as part of a choir or chorus)
  • The premises are an educational establishment
  • The singers are undertaking or providing an individual lesson.

Density requirements and additional directions

  • The density requirement for seated activities is 3 per 4 square metres. This applies to church services
  • The density requirement for standing (or mixed seating and standing) activities is 1 per 2 square metres
  • Gyms and indoor fitness activities is 1 per 4 square metres
  • Private gatherings in homes remains limited to 20 people
  • Weddings and funerals, as well as private activities are now capped at 150 people (at non-residential premises)
  • Food and beverage consumption remains seated (except for private activities), no communal service areas
  • Wearing of masks remains mandatory in high risk settings, personal care and health care services, passenger and public transport, secondary schools, and indoor public places – this includes churches.

Churches are advised to continue to follow their updated COVID Safe Plan that they will receive from the government.


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For all enquiries about Coronavirus, please contact:

Please note that we may experience a heightened number of enquiries. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Please email us in the first instance, leave a message with your name and phone number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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