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Anzac Day - A Message from the Moderator

On Sunday April 25th we will be recognising Anzac Day. This is the 106th anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, along with soldiers of many other nations, landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula, near the beginning of the First World War which was expected to be the war to end all wars.


Reflection of the Week - 13 April 2021

With Easter just gone and the school holidays now started, for many it is a time when people take a break and spend time away from their usual commitments.


Reflection of the Week - 6 April 2021

When confronted by what is hard to hear, shocking to consider, grieving to know, difficult to understand, it is often much easier to not believe it at all.


Moderator's Easter Message 2021

Easter is a time of hope, a time of new beginnings. As we approach Easter this year, our hearts go out to people, all over the world, who have been living in darkness and fear and uncertainty and continue to do so.


Ageing Well Matters Community Awards

Despite the interruptions and restrictions that COVID-19 presented in 2020, the Ageing Well Matters team at Walkerville Uniting Church had two unique moments to celebrate


A significant and historic find

Last month, an historic superb gold watch dating back to 1865 was found hidden in a rusted, locked metal box in the Pilgrim archive room by the church’s historical archivists.


Reflection of the Week - 16 March 2021

As we acknowledge Harmony Week, perhaps it is timely to pause and reflect on the word ‘harmony’ and what it actually means – especially given the unrest around the world and also in many ways closer to home.