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South Sudan Crisis

In September, UnitingWorld published an article stating, ‘South Sudan is in the grip of the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. Seven million people are at risk of starvation as drought, lock-downs from COVID-19 and increased violence choke food supplies.’


The church of the future ... is now?

David Gardiner reflected on an article that he wrote back in 1995, which took a look (with a certain amount of humour) at his thoughts on the church of the future … given the year that we have experienced he was not far off the mark!


Reflection of the Week - 20 October 2020

What do I make of Jesus’ instructions regarding responsible stewardship? I meet my obligations. I pay my taxes, and pay for my utilities by the due date. I place my tithed offering in the collection plate each Sunday. I wonder what else I should be doing?


Urgent request for Refugee support

In South Australia, we now have 20 households (60 people) who are in extreme stress at having to find a job and rental accommodation within three weeks.


The Journey of a Syrian Refugee

Three years ago, Mtanios (Tony) fled his home in Tartus, a seaside city in Syria, with his wife Suhair and their two sons. They arrived in Adelaide as refugees and tried to build a new life in Australia.

Safe Church

Safe Church Update

October 22nd will mark the second anniversary of the apology to the survivors of institutional abuse. This has not been an easy space for the Church.


Reflection of the Week - 13 October 2020

‘Who is God?' - Pastor ​Cyrus Kung speaks passionately about his own faith: who God is for him as a 2nd-generation Australian of Chinese ancestry, and the distinctive ‘lens’ that his heritage gives him in his exploration of matters of life and faith.


Trinity Sessions

On the evening of Sunday 4th October, Roger and Yvonne Freeman (members of the Church of the Trinity) were honoured and acknowledged by the Adelaide Music Collective (AMC) SA Music Hall of Fame.


Healing Garden Christ Church Uniting

It is now a few years since the Synod of SA celebrated their 40th birthday and at Christ Church Uniting we received a wattle tree (Acacia) as a tiny tube stock to mark the occasion.


Synod Standing Committee - September 2020 update

Synod Standing Committee meeting updates are published to inform the wider Uniting Church in SA community of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from each meeting of the Committee. This update refers to the recent 25th September 2020 meeting.


Anti-Poverty Sunday with UnitingCare SA

Through UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centres, Uniting Churches all over South Australia work with people who are in poverty and they have seen some new and unexpected faces in the last few weeks!