Online Directory services

The Synod provides various directory services online.

1. Services available to the general public:

2. Services restricted to Ministers, Congregation office bearers and Synod staff:

3. Change church or personal contact details:

Getting Started with the Online Directory

To access the Online Directory, eligible persons must first sign up for a UnitingPortal user account and then complete the Identity Verification process.

The following people are eligible to access the Online Directory:

  • Uniting Church ministry agents in placement in SA
  • Current office bearers of Uniting Church Congregations, Faith Communities and Presbyteries in SA
  • Staff of the synod of SA, and presbytery staff
  • Active retired ministers
  • Other people as approved on a case by case basis by the Associate General Secretary

The Online Directory makes available the following data:

  • Information relating to Uniting Church SA Congregations, Faith Communities and Presbyteries
  • Synod Membership details
  • Ministry agent contact details and current positions held
  • Current office bearer information for Uniting Church SA councils of the church
  • Contact information for those employed by the church
  • This information is sourced directly from Synod databases and represents the most up to date information available. Keeping all of this information current is challenging, and users are encouraged to contribute to the accuracy of the directory by submitting Change Notifications as described below.

Updating Personal Contact Details

All users are authorised to update their own contact details including phone numbers, addresses and email address. Current ministry agents and office bearers will note that alternate contact information can be specified pertaining to different organisations for which they hold positions.

The Synod databases hold contact information which not everybody will want listed in the Online Directory. For this reason, users are also able to adjust the visibility of their contact details by setting privacy flags in accordance with their personal preferences. E.g. it is possible to specify that a mobile number be listed in the directory but that your home number be suppressed.  The privacy preference definitions are:

Flag Disclosure Included in Online Directory
Public Permitted to be disclosed to any (anonymous) member of the public Yes
Church Use Only Permitted to be disclosed to ministers, Synod and Presbyery staff and office bearers Yes
Synod/Pres Use Only Permitted to be disclosed ONLY to Synod or relevant Presbytery staff for internal use No

To request a change to your personal contact details, or to the privacy flag settings of your contact details, please complete and return this form: Change of Contact Personal 2022 fillable (211 kb PDF)

Updating Organisation Contact Details

Ministers and authorised office bearers are able to update limited contact information for organisations for which they hold a current position. Users are encouraged to update this information proactively in order to maximise the completeness and accuracy of directory data.

Change of Congregation Contact Information

For more complex changes, such as changes to office bearers, please complete the form below and return to the Synod office: Turn on Javascript!

Change of Contact for Congregation 2022 fillable (138 kb PDF)

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback, the Online Directory is a service provided to our congregations and members by the Synod. Please email your feedback to: Turn on Javascript!