Synod Standing Committee

The Synod Standing Committee (SSC) is empowered to act on behalf of the Synod between meetings of the Annual Synod Meeting. The roles and responsibilties of the SSC are outlined in the Basis of Union, Constitution and Regulations.

2023 Standing Committee Meeting Dates

3rd February
31st March
5th May
2nd June
30th June
11th August
1st September
3rd November
1st December.

Current Membership

Ex-officio member

  • Mr Bronte Wilson - Moderator (Chair)
  • Rev Sue Ellis - Ex-Moderator
  • Rev Mark Kickett - UAICC Regional Council appointment
  • Mr Peter Battersby,  Synod Property Officer
  • Mr Sean Weetra, Chair, UAICC Regional Council
  • Rev Peter Morel, Moderator Elect.

Elected Members

  • Mr Jacob Blackwell
  • Mr David Buxton
  • Ms Leanne Davis
  • Rev Dr Benji Callen
  • Rev Christa Megaw
  • Rev Nathan Whillas
  • Mr Bruce Ind
  • Ms Elizabeth Iussa
  • Rev Ann Phillips
  • Rev Andrew Robertson
  • Rev Diane Bury
  • Mr Scott Davis
  • Mr Andrew Telfer.

Resourcing Members (non-voting)

  • Rev Philip Gardner
  • Rev Sue Page
  • Rev Dr Tim Hein
  • Ms Bridget Ransome
  • Rev Ken Sumner
  • Mr Malcolm Wilson
  • Rev Prof Vicky Balabanski.

Synod Standing Committee Minutes

Minutes of Synod Standing Committee meetings are available by emailing the Synod Office at Turn on Javascript!.