UnitingCare SA: About Us

Who we are

The Uniting Church exists to join in with God’s mission of reconciliation and renewal of the whole creation. UnitingCare is one way the church seeks to transform lives, community and society into places of hope and opportunity for everyone. Our vision is a compassionate and just community in which all people belong and are able to reach their full potential.

Through the organisations, schools and colleges associated with the Uniting Church, the UnitingCare network demonstrates its commitment to supporting vulnerable members of our community and the importance of engaging all people in advocating for a better world.

In South Australia, UnitingCare is a diverse group of 25 independent community and aged care services, hospital, schools and colleges associated with the Uniting Church which are also part of a national network of more than 400 Uniting Church organisations. For more information about these organisations, schools and colleges, please contact them directly using the menu at the left.

What we do

UnitingCare South Australia is a team within the Uniting Church in Australia Presbytery and Synod of South Australia. We are a ministry centre supporting the work of UnitingCare organisations, schools and colleges through the following activities:


Each UnitingCare organisation, school and college is governed by a board or council. UnitingCare SA is committed to ensuring each board and council is supported to fulfil its responsibilities to the best of its ability. This includes providing resources and training in governance, financial management and the ethos of the Uniting Church.


Synergy coordinates the common purchasing and contracting requirements of the Uniting Church and UnitingCare organisations, schools and colleges to obtain the best value on a range of goods and services. Synergy’s goal is to ensure the good stewardship of scarce resources.

Pancake Day

Starting on Shrove Tuesday (the last day before Lent), groups all over South Australia, Victoria & Tasmania begin to cook pancakes to raise funds for UnitingCare organisations. Here in South Australia, funds raised are either designated for a particular organisation or are used to fund grants to UnitingCare organisations to make a direct difference in the lives of people living with disadvantage.

The Target and UnitingCare Christmas Appeal

In partnership with Target Australia Pty Ltd, the UnitingCare network across the nation mobilises to collect toys left under the red Christmas trees in Target and distribute them to people in the same local area.

Join with us

Pancake Day

Hold a Pancake Day event anytime during February or March at your home, school, workplace, church or club. Pancake Day events support local UnitingCare organisations in their work to alleviate poverty and disadvantage in communities statewide.

The Target and UnitingCare Christmas Appeal

Help spread the joy of Christmas by donating a gift underneath the UnitingCare Christmas tree in your local Target-branded store. All gifts stay in the local area and offer joy to thousands across SA.


Share your gift of time by volunteering to help with one of our events: Pancake Day or Target and UnitingCare Christmas Appeal. There are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the UnitingCare network including joining a board or council of a UnitingCare network organisation, school or college.