Ethical Investment Working Group (EIWG)

The Ethical Investment Working Group (EIWG) meets regularly to discuss and review the ethical issues relating to investments of the Uniting Church in South Australia. The advice this group provides is guided by the South Australian Synod’s Ethical Investment Policy and Procedure below:

The EIWG, on behalf of the Uniting Church SA seeks to avoid investment in enterprises whose products or practices are known to: cause or perpetuate injustice and suffering, infringe on human rights; or cause unacceptable levels of damage to the environment. Industries unsuitable for investment include thermal coal extraction and exploration,
armaments, uranium, gambling, alcohol, tobacco and pornography.

The South Australian Synod Solidarity and Justice Officer of Mission Resourcing SA and the Resources Board co-sponsor regular meetings of the EIWG. This enables the sharing of concerns surrounding unethical corporate practices with regard to organisations that form part of the South Australian Synod’s investment portfolio.

The Ethical Investment Working Group has identified organisations within the Church’s current investment portfolio whose operations are potentially outside the criteria specified within the South Australian Synod’s Ethical Investment Policy. In order to act upon this, the group has sought independent researched opinions and reports which highlight possible ethical investment breaches. The next step has been to seek information directly from these organisations with respect to potential breeches of the South Australian Synod’s Ethical Investment Policy.

Upon collection of sufficient information, and at anytime, the EIWG can recommend to the Resources Board how any ethical concerns can be best addressed. If the Resources Board decides an organisation no longer satisfies the Church’s Ethical Investment Policy, all entities concerned with the policy should divest themselves of that company or investment.

Ethical Investment Current Exclusion List