The Alberton Art Trail

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Our churches exist to be in relationship and community with the people we are surrounded by, right? And what better way to do that, than to partner with and get alongside your community in the things they are doing? So it was for the Trinity Uniting Church at Alberton when it found out that their community was planning a neighbourhood event.

The event called ‘The Alberton Art Trail’ is a walking trail of public art created with, by and for the people in the neighbourhood. The art-works are intended to explore the multiple meanings and experiences of ‘home’ for the local community and enable local people to meet and be creative together.

So the Church Council of Trinity Alberton did what all sensible church councils do; they gave brushes, rollers and permanent (seriously, this stuff does not wash off!) paint to their youth group Connect Youth, and pointed them at the front wall of the church, some 8 metres wide by 4 metres tall and said, ‘Go for it!’

Connect Youth rose to the challenge and in a few short weeks, they designed a mural that captured the heart of why they, and so many others, call Trinity Alberton ‘home.’ Every single member of the youth group contributed to the mural; its design intentionally approachable for artists of all skill and confidence levels. The youth spent multiple days after school and one Friday working well into the dark, painting, painting, painting … and do you know what happened while they painted? They engaged with their neighbours; they met new faces, learned names, laughed, shared stories, talked about what they were painting; and on one occasion, even had musical accompaniment for their painting provided by a neighbour playing DJ.

The mural itself, a pleasant bonus to the community engagement that was had during its creation, consists of 5 people of different ages, backgrounds and stages of life, 6 coloured sections that represent Trinity Alberton’s core beliefs and values and the different aspects and activities of the church that are shared across the board, centred by a large cross; recognising that Christ is central to everything they do.

The Alberton Art Trail was held on Saturday 29th August. Trinity Alberton put on a free Barbecue and Cake Stall and spent the day meeting, chatting to and feeding their neighbours. What a joy!


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Comments (3)

  1. Sue Elli 15 september 2020, 16:20 Link
    Wow! This looks fantastic!
    1. Gordon Woods 15 september 2020, 23:08 Link
      Excellent work involving your young people & promoting your faith community in the public eye.
      God bless the instigators & all connected to the mural.
      1. Chris Thornton 16 september 2020, 16:00 Link
        Hi Trinity Alberton UC,

        What a brilliant and successful way of engaging with your community at all levels. Congratulations to your Church Council for their courage and trust in sparking off this initiative, and to your Youth Group for their ingenuity and commitment. Plus the whole congregation for cooking and donating and being there for the day of the Art Trail, to engage the people who visited.

        Well done everyone!

        I'm praying that the people you met may be challenged by their engagement with you, and that likewise, you may be challenged as you engage with them. God bless you all on the journeys now begun!

        Many blessings,

        Chris T.