Presbytery Restructuring: Now live on Facebook with Associate General Secretary, Rev Sue Page

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According to experts, communication is key to successful change management. And with the Presbytery restructuring process in full swing, change is definitely in the air.

Throughout the process the Uniting Church in South Australia has communicated information and decisions through a wide range of channels. A dedicated web page has been set-up and is updated regularly, weekly updates are provided through online UC e-News newsletters, information sessions have been held, emails and text messages have been distributed and information has been communicated through New Times. Yet there are still people who feel out of the loop or who are simply unaware about what the restructure is all about.

If that’s you, you are not alone. It is a very complicated process with lots of jargon and talk about structure which may take some time to digest before it can be fully understood. A video with updated Presbytery explanations may also help you with more details as they progress.

That is why a live video series was launched through Facebook this week, featuring Associate General Secretary, Rev Sue Page, talking about the restructuring process.

A live Facebook video of Sue will be filmed every Wednesday at 11:00am. Sue will explore issues regarding the restructuring process and answer live questions asked via the comments section. If you ‘tune in’ during this time you will be able to send her a question and she can address that in ‘real-time’.

How to ‘tune in’

Find Uniting Church. Uniting People on Facebook and give the page a “like” or press the “follow” button to start following the page. Then, on Wednesday at 11:00am, have your Facebook app or web browser open on the Uniting Church. Uniting People Facebook page. Once you follow the page, you should also receive a notification every time Sue’s live video begins to air.

How to ask live questions

When you watch the video and have a desire to comment or send a question, simply click on the video itself. It should open up on a full screen, with a section on the side that shows the questions from every participant. At the bottom there should be a “write a comment” section next to the Uniting Church logo. Write your question and press enter!

What if I can’t watch the video live?

The video will stay on the Uniting Church. Uniting People Facebook page, along with all the comments and questions that Sue received both during and after the shooting of the video. She will continue to answer questions even after the video has finished.

This also means that you can catch up on any videos that you may have missed.

Share it far and wide!

We would like to encourage you to share these video posts to your congregation or faith community’s Facebook page (if you have one). You can also ‘tag’ people you know who may be interested in the information update.

It is understood that not everyone has access to Facebook, but this campaign is meant to merely complement the existing communication efforts on the restructuring process, not replace it. The dedicated web page will continue to be the main communication channel on the process, so visit it regularly to view every update.



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  1. Bill Harris 29 may 2019, 15:33(Comment was edited) Link
    Sounds good but not convinced that 11am is the best time for this. Younger members are probably at work and these are the ones we most need to involve in our decision making. As one of the older members I am on facebook but find IT difficult to keep up with. 11`am is also not a good time as you can often be involved in other community activities at that hour. Best time would be between 5pm and 8pm when most people are home.