Property Review Project Update

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The Property Review Project was established in 2018, and involves a visit to every church property in SA to answer 2 questions:

  • How safe are our properties?
  • How can we assist congregations in managing their properties?

The objective of the project is to provide assistance to congregations in planning safe environments for churchgoers and visitors, and to assist in forward maintenance budgeting.

It is anticipated that the visits will be completed by May this year. Shortly thereafter, each congregation will receive a tailored report which outlines all of the safety and building management items that each Church Council should address. As well as suggested costings for each of the projects identified, each congregation will receive a suggested capital maintenance budget figure that should be considered in future budgeting, to ensure our buildings are adequately and appropriately maintained.

As reported at the Synod meeting last November, 85% of the buildings visited at that time require some attention in order to meet current legislated requirements.

The project will culminate in a final report to be presented to the Synod at its October 2020 meeting.


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  1. Madeleine Stocks 02 march 2020, 11:26 Link
    I'm just wondering who will be contacting us for this. I don't believe we've had ours done.

    it would be good to book it in for an Admin and Property meeting day.