Intergenerational Ministry

Intergenerational Team Vision: That young people become life-long disciples of Christ within missional families and faith communities.

One Generation – Many Ages

Wed 25 July

9.30am for 10am start – 4.30pm

Uniting College for Leadership and Theology

312 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park

Dr Holly Allen, a professor of family science and Christian ministry at Lipscomb University in Nashville and author of Intergenerational Christian Ministry, will be presenting two lectures and two workshops on topics about intergenerational ministry.

If you are a church ministry leader in any capacity and keen to explore building intergenerational communities of faith (beyond ‘including children’) then this day is highly recommended.

Cost $40 per person, includes morning tea and lunch.

Please contact Judyth Roberts if cost prohibits your attendance.

Register now:

For promotional flier with further details, click on the link below to download.

 Holly Allen (4.7 mb PDF)

For further information, please contact:

Judyth Roberts on 0434 884 625 or">

Intergenerational Team Key Directions

  1. We resource families to be missional. (UC SA Key Direction 2)
  2. We advocate for an all age, inclusive, approach to congregational life. (UC SA Key Direction 1, part 4)
  3. We provide direction to congregations to intentionally disciple children, youth and young adults through and for mission. (UC SA Key Direction 2, part 1)
  4. We facilitate ‘mountain top’ experiences for young people that are beyond the scope of single congregations. (UC SA Key Direction 2,all 4 parts)
  5. We support and develop leaders in all of the above aspects of ministry with and by young people. (UC SA Key Direction 3, part 3)

For further information about these key directions please download Intergen Key Directions (2.3 mb PDF)


1. For Intergen Team ministry events, conferences and key dates please download our 2018 Calendar:  2018 Intergen Calendar (96 kb PDF)

2. At the November 2017 Presbytery and Synod meeting, the Intergen Team provided a USB with the documents listed below to churches and intergen ministry leaders. The USB also included our 2018 calendar and our Key Directions, see above on this page, and the KCO promo slides, available on the KCO webpage>

We hope these are useful in your context:

Intergen Resources for Families (571 kb PDF)
Advent calendars and activities; books for churches to purchase (in bulk for nominal cost) and gift to families for Christmas; and Christmas and Summer family resources to share with families.
Intergen Church Ministry and Worship Services (707 kb PDF)
this provides an intro to our website; Summer reading recommendations; and Advent and Christmas worship and ministry resources.
Intergen Team & 2018 events (1.1 mb PDF)

3.To keep up to date throughout each term with extra news and articles from the Intergen Team, please subscribe to UC E-News and New Times online.

4. There are many more resources available using the menu to navigate Church Resources and Family Resources.


2017 and Beyond KCO & SAYCO Consultation Process 

KCO & SAYCO 2017 & Beyond Consultation Update 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “2017 & Beyond KCO & SAYCO Consultation” process held at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016.

The results of part one of this process have been collected and are available in a summary document 2017 & Beyond KCO & SAYCO Consultation Part One - Summary (704 kb PDF)

At the end of the document are the recommendations approved by the Interim Mission Council and affirmed by Standing Committee for the vision and key purposes for KCO and SAYCO for 2017 and beyond.

Please also note, on the final page, that the consultation responses continue to be reflected upon and will be worked through, particularly regarding the responsibilities of team members, churches and the Synod office.

There will be a second part to this consultation process to assist with decision-making regarding dates/timing of events, venues, price points, and shaping the program for 2017 and beyond. Information will be available by the end of April and will be communicated via UC e-News.

We look forward to your continued input and appreciate your prayer for this process. For more information, please contact Melissa via email

Supporting Documents for the Consultation:

Christian Venues Association: Research on the impact of Christian camps infographic(scroll down on page)>