WHS: Working at Heights

Every care should be taken to prevent falls:

  • eliminate work at heights wherever possible
  • the use of ladders should be supervised; never work alone
  • ensure that ladders are in good condition and the correct type for the job
  • ensure that the person using the ladder is physically capable and competent to do so
  • do not use chairs, tables, boxes and the like to access areas out of reach  
  • assess the risk and plan the work before commencing
  • all scaffolds must be erected in compliance with Statutory Regulations
    • work in the vicinity of an opening through which a person could fall must include a risk assessment.

Contractors engaged to undertake work at heights should demonstrate safe operating procedures and use appropriate equipment.  Procedure enquires should be directed to the Congregation Property Adviser.

Fragile roofing includes skylights, asbestos, plastic, polycarbonate and fibreglass.  Fragile roofing should be indicated with the use of signage.  Please be aware that pergolas can also be fragile if the structure was constructed weakly or has deteriorated over time.

  • Avoid working on fragile roofing
  • If work cannot be avoided crawl boards or walkways must be used.

There are very stringent rules in this area.  Please ensure you check for legislative requirements prior to undertaking any work.

Relevant Information

  • Statutory Compliance & Property Policy, please contact Building Projects and Compliance Officer at property@sa.uca.org.au