WHS: Manual Handling

Lifting and handling should be approached with care.  Some simple planning can help avoid sprains, long term injury and damage to property.  Use correct posture when performing lifting tasks, as awkward posture results in muscle fatigue and, whilst lifting, can also result in sprains, ruptures and broken bones.  Consider the following:

  • How heavy is it?
  • Is it an awkward shape?
  • How many times/often will it need to be moved?
  • Does it need a handle?
  • Can a trolley/sack truck assist and are there sufficient movers?

Shifting trestles, tables, stacks of chairs and other items can easily cause a personal injury.  These items should be stored in a well designed and accessible area.  A trolley should be available to assist with moving heavy and awkward items.  It is preferable that elderly people not perform these tasks but, at best, should be assisted with this work.

Relevant Information

  • Statutory Compliance & Property Policy, please contact the Building Projects and Compliance Officer, property@sa.uca.org.au