WHS: Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Activities where children and young people are likely to be present should be smoke, drug and alcohol free.  A clear policy in relation to this matter should be determined by the Church Council and made known to all users and potential users of the church premises.  A protocol should be developed which outlines the actions which will be taken if a person or organisation is found to be in breach of the church’s policy.

The decision to allow alcoholic drinks to be brought onto church property is a matter for determination by the local Church Council.  If the use of alcohol is approved, it is recommended that the supply should be restricted to bottles or cans only.  For further information on hiring church premises refer to “Lease/Hire of Property – Church Facilities”.

If a person/organisation is intending to host a party or organising an event where alcohol is to be sold, supplied or consumed, there may be a requirement to obtain a liquor licence under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.  This sort of short term licence is known as a limited licence.

When a Limited Licence is required

Limited licences are issued under three main categories:

  • the ‘sale of liquor’
  • the ‘consumption/supply of liquor’
  • extension on a temporary basis of the trading rights under a  current liquor licence’ (Only relevant if the applicant is the holder of a licence under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997)

Holding a private function at home or on private property

In most case a ‘limited licence’ is not required for the provision or consumption of alcohol in a private home.

However, there are circumstances when a limited licence is required for private functions being held at a home or private property. These include situations:

  • When liquor is being provided by a licensed caterer/ catering business, and/or
  • Where there is a cover charge for the liquor being provided.

The consumption/ supply of liquor at a function being held on regulated premises

Regulated premises are defined as:

  • a licensed premises
  • a restaurant, café or shop
  • an amusement parlour or amusement arcade
  • a public place that is being used for the purposes of an organised event, where admission to the event is gained on payment of money, presentation of a pre-paid ticket or purchase of some item
  • a public conveyance, (eg. bus, limousine, boat etc.)
  • premises of a kind declared by regulation to be regulated premises

If a function is to be held where liquor will be consumed but not actually sold on a ‘regulated premises’, a limited licence is required.

Examples of consumption/supply of liquor include:

  • A bus tour where liquor is provided for consumption during the trip
  • Where there is a cover charge but liquor is BYO
  • Where the consumption of liquor is included in the cover charge, eg food, drinks and entry are included in the one ticket price. This applies even when the function is being held at a private home
  • Where entry is by donation
  • Where liquor is supplied as part of a pooled money arrangement
  • Hosting a private party or function in a restaurant, café or shop
  • Consuming liquor in a limousine (if the limousine does not already hold a liquor licence)
  • Hosting a private party in a hall which has been declared a regulated premises (check the hiring conditions supplied by the agent of the hall)

The sale of liquor at a function

If a function is held where liquor will be sold to guests either for consumption on site or to take home (i.e. fundraiser, auction nights, wine tastings), a limited licence is required.

Examples of the sale of liquor include:

  • A function held at a hall where liquor is sold to guests (ie. over a bar, for consumption during that event)
  • Where liquor is offered as a ‘gift’ when an item is purchased
  • Where the consumption of liquor is included in the cover charge, eg food, drinks and entry is included in the one ticket price but where the function includes any activities listed below:
    • fundraising activities
    • auction nights
    • wine sold in bottles to take home for consumption
  • Any major event or festival.

If you are still not sure if your function requires a licence, please contact the Office of the Liquor & Gambling Commissioner office on: (08) 8226 8477 or (08) 8226 8473 for assistance.

 Events/activities specifically for children & young people must be Smoke, Drug and Alcohol free.

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