Become a Board Member

Without Uniting Church members, boards and councils of organisations associated with the Uniting Church cannot plan for the todays and tomorrows of Christ’s mission.

UnitingCare organisations are governed by volunteer boards and councils. UnitingCare SA manages a reserve of board members who are Uniting Church members and are available to join boards of UnitingCare organisations.

Karen Hunt (pictured) has been on UnitingSA’s board for six years: “Like most people I thought that serving on a board is something you do later in life, when you have gained lots of life experience. But I was tapped on the shoulder and encouraged to apply back in 2013 because they were looking for a Uniting Church member and I think they were open to having someone a bit younger on the Board. Seeing the organisation’s strategies come to life is an immensely rewarding experience.”

Leaders in the Uniting Church are encouraged to think about people they know who might be a great fit for this part of the mission of the Church in the world.

Who we’re looking for:

Large associated organisations:

  1. Uniting Church members or members-in-association
  2. An academic or work background in education, health, law, finance, or management is desirable.
  3. The target age is generally between 30 and 65.

Those meeting the criteria who are interested should contact UnitingCare SA on 08 8236 4255 or Turn on Javascript!. The Executive Officer, UnitingCare SA will then talk informally with interested people about the organisations and possible opportunities to serve.

Small associated community-based organisations and agencies of churches:

  1. People who live, work and/or are passionate about the local community
  2. People with additional skills such as governance, finance, management are enthusiastically encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals may contact the local organisation/agency directly or are welcome to make contact with the Executive Officer, UnitingCare SA  for an informal conversation. 08 8236 4255 or Turn on Javascript!