Uniting Foundation bequests and wills

By supporting the Foundation, you can help provide crucial funding to local initiatives that are at the 'cutting edge' of ministry.

You may also choose to assist a specific church or project through the Uniting Foundation.

By investing in the future of the Uniting Church in South Australia, you are leaving a great legacy. Many people express a feeling of satisfaction knowing their gift will support the essential work of caring for those in need and proclaiming the Christian message to future generations.

Some options for making a bequest to the Foundation include:

  • donating a specific amount of money or real estate

  • donating a percentage of your total Estate

  • contributing ongoing donations by making a bequest to a perpetual trust

  • nominating the Foundation as a beneficiary for life insurance policies, superannuation benefits, friendly society investments

  • making a bequest for use in specific program or service areas, to take effect if any previous bequests in your will fail

Legal advice is necessary to ensure that taxation and other implications are fully considered for your particular circumstances.

We suggest the following wording, however, we also advise you to speak with a solicitor.

Sample wording for your will:

I, ........................ (your name)

give and bequeath... (Insert sum of money, residue of estate, % of estate, or property/item) to The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (S.A.), for the use and benefit of The Uniting Foundation.

I direct that the receipt on behalf of The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (S.A.) or other proper officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.

Keeping you informed

If you decide to leave a gift to the Uniting Foundation in your will, please let us know. We will then be able to keep you informed.