About Uniting Foundation

The Uniting Foundation was officially launched by the Uniting Church in South Australia in April 2004. At its inception the Uniting Foundation had a capital base of $3.8 million.

The four founding capital contributors were:

  • $1,700,000 - UC Invest
  • $ 940,000 - the former Maylands congregation
  • $ 740,000 - the former Epworth-Parkside Church building
  • $ 450,000 - uncommitted funds set aside for "Land for New Churches"

UC Invest and its investors are continuing to provide significant financial support to the Uniting Foundation. Epworth South Australia Inc also contributes significant support.

The Foundation's assets are managed by UC Invest and allocations to projects are approved by the Uniting Church Foundation Grants Committee.

The Uniting Church Foundation Grants Committee By-laws allow for a Committee of not less than 7 but not more than 10.

Current members are:

  • Chairperson (Appointed by Standing Committee)
  • General Secretary
  • Team Leader – Mission Resourcing SA
  • Uniting Church Foundation Grants Committee Manager
  • 2 elected representatives from each presbytery
  • Up to 2 co-opted persons

Funds from the interest earned on capital sums and donations from UC Invest and Epworth South Australia Inc., donors and bequestors are available for distribution for creative and innovative projects which will contribute to the Church achieving its mission.

You are invited to support the Uniting Foundation by making donations and bequests.

Through the Uniting Foundation, you will be able to impact on the lives of people and the Church.