What is SAYCO?

SAYCO is a Uniting Church SA event held annually on the October long weekend. Based in Adelaide, the camp attracts Christian and non-Christian youth and is open to a mix of denominations. The camp is for young people in high school years 8-12, providing a safe place for them to have fun while growing and exploring their faith.

SAYCO's unique environment offers a program which includes: contemporary worship, games, workshops and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities designed to grow campers' leadership skills and relationships with each other in an environment which nurtures and encourages faith exploration.

Young people attend SAYCO as part of local church groups from across the state of South Australia. Youth camp on an oval with catering, supervision and camper care provided by each individual church group. Individual attendees are welcome to attend and are paired with an existing church group.

Our Vision

A radical generation of lifelong Christians fired up to join Gods work in the world.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a camp of excellence, uniting local youth ministries to radically transform their communities.

Our Core Values

Encouragement ・Healthy Relationships ・Servant Leadership ・Prayer and the Scriptures

Our Aims

  • To provide a temporary community of faith
  • To celebrate and grow disciples and leaders
  • To provide an age appropriate activity based program
  • Provide opportunity to ask questions and explore faith

 Criteria for Registration:

In accepting registrations for participation in SAYCO, the following policy applies:

  • SAYCO is an event of Uniting Church SA conducted for and with congregations of the Uniting ChurchSA and is open to other denominations and schools.
  • Congregations or groups applying for registration of campers must be prepared to work within the ethos of the UCA for SAYCO involvement.
  • Acceptance of registrations may be declined to congregations or groups not in relationships with theUniting Church in Australia, and not represented in a Ministers Association or Fellowship and where the actions and life of that body are deemed to be in conflict with the ethos, structure, discipline and regulations of the Uniting Church in Australia.