Church furniture, windows & foundation stones

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Sale/disposal of church furniture & furnishings

The sale of the property normally includes fittings and fixtures but excludes loose furniture and furnishings. The sale, gifting or disposal of these items requires approval from your Church Council and decisions should be undertaken on a consultative basis. We would suggest you move slowly and carefully in this area as members can have memories and emotions tied up with furniture and in particular when making commitments to the family members of people who are memorialised on church property. Property Services receive enquiries from family members regarding such items, sometimes many years after a property has been sold. Congregations are requested to complete a ‘Church furniture & significant items list’ for Uniting Church SA records.

Stained glass windows, foundation stones

If you are planning to leave stained glass windows, memorials and foundation stones with the property, a Memorandum of Encumbrance can be placed on the Certificate of Title. An Encumbrance allows the stained glass windows and foundation stones to remain with the property that they relate to, but in the event of the purchaser or subsequent purchasers wishing to demolish the building at a later date, or no longer wanting them in the building/s, the stained glass windows and foundation stones are required to be returned to the Uniting Church. Once a property is no longer in the ownership of the Uniting Church, the Church does not have the right to ask for the removal of foundation stones or stained glass windows, but an Encumbrance prevents the purchaser or subsequent purchasers from destroying, selling or otherwise disposing of them. 

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