Mission & property

Property is a means to an end, not an end in itself - it can open or close the door to mission and ministry.

The Uniting Church in SA recently posed the question; 'How can we better utilise our existing congregational resources for the future missional work of the church?' This is an important question for the wider church as well as in each congregation.

Questions to ask ourselves:

  • Do our current buildings enableĀ us to achieve our mission?
  • How does our property tie in with ourĀ Mission Statement?
  • Is our property serving the mission of our church? (Or is mission serving our property?)
  • Does our worship space restrict our worship services and does it allow different styles of worship?
  • Does our property provide opportunities for community outreach? (Craft group, youth group, mothers' group, men's group, op shop, helps ministry, playgroup etc etc).

The role of Property Services is to serve congregations and the Uniting Church SA in order for congregations to be in mission (core business and purpose) - we are here to serve you!