Licence Agreements

A Licence Agreement should be used where another person or organisation wishes to have non-exclusive use from time to time of church property. It should be used even if the property is only required for one occasion. This agreement is provided by the Uniting Church congregation to the User (hirer). The agreement is available from Property Services to congregations.

The maximum term for the agreement is 12 months but it can be renewed for a further term by mutual agreement. This ensures that all licences are reviewed at least once a year.

It can be signed on behalf of The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (S.A.) by the Chairperson of congregation's Church Council or a Local Authorised Officer (someone delegated by Church Council to sign this document).

Congregations need to ensure that the 'Instructions for evacuating the building and safe assembly points are clearly communicated and displayed in the building' as stated in the licence agreement special notes on page 2.

The Church's Public Liability Insurance covers only the activities of the Uniting Church and church groups.  Non-Uniting Church organisations need to be aware of the risk they take if they do not have their own Public Liability Insurance. Long term users must produce evidence of current public liability insurance at the time of entering this agreement and maintain this insurance for the term of the licence agreement. A minimum of $20 million cover is required. Large events may need to be referred to Uniting Church Insurance Services.

Please email for a copy of the Licence Agreement or if you have any questions.