No Secret: About the campaign

Suicide: It’s No Secret launched in 2011. The aim of the campaign is to encourage conversations that can change the culture of silence around suicide.  The Uniting Church in SA has held a concern around how suicide is being addressed, or not addressed, in our community.

It’s No Secret focuses on stamping out the stigma, and removing the secrecy around what is a tragic reality for so many Australian families. We want to see media, community, and personal conversations  to open up so that people can get the real help they need. Before it’s too late.

The 13th Day.

An inugural Aboriginal suicide forum was held at Pilgrim Uniting Church (12 Flinders Street, Adelaide) on Friday the 5th of October 2013. ABC News published a news story on the forum which can be viewed here: Wider suicide prevention focus urged. ABC 891 also interviewed Denise Champion regarding rising suicide rates in the Aboriginal community. The story and a transcript is available here: Help needed to reduce Aboriginal suicides

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