Suicide: It's No Secret

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Suicide is an abrasive word. It’s hard to say, let alone talk about it.

In 2012, Australia lost 1901 men and 634 females to suicide. That’s 2535 people with mums, dads, wives brothers, sisters, children and friends. In the same year, 1368 people lost their lives in road crashes. That’s right. The suicide toll was higher – and you would never have known.

There’s no denying that suicide is a real issue in our community.

The question has to be asked: Why is the number of Australians taking their lives so high? And why aren’t we talking about it?

It’s no secret.

Suicide is a real issue for real people. It’s not just young people or old; city-dwellers or country; happy people or depressed. It is an issue that affects everyone.

The fact that we often feel we can’t talk about suicide is contributing to the problem - its secrecy is making it an issue too big for us to deal with.

We believe that healthy and responsible discussion about suicide by the media, our community and each other is key to breaking the shame and discomfort associated with suicide.

Letting someone talk about their problems, giving them their own voice, shows them that their issues matter – that they matter.

We can grieve - together.

We can find hope - together.

We must be aware of suicide’s reality to having an understanding of it – and to do something about it. Talking about suicide and being realistic about its present darkness is a necessity.

Suicide. It’s no secret. So let’s break the silence – for life’s sake.