What we need to be reflecting upon this Pancake Day

By Mark Waters

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I have terminal cancer and you are a lifeline for me.

This is just one of the comments received from one of the participants at a UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centre (ERC). Demand is up! Costs are up! And all centres are feeling the pressure of going back each time to the same people for donations.

Pancake Day is an ideal way for offices, service clubs, schools and other associations to involve young people to get involved to help raise funds for UnitingCare ERCs. Although we celebrate Pancake Day on 21st February this year, fundraising with a pancake morning tea can happen at any time.

You are the bright spot in my dark week. (Visitor to a UnitingCare ERC)

To receive your Pancake Day registration and host pack, please email Turn on Javascript! or call (08) 8236 4255.

Food is getting so expensive – I can’t make ends meet. (Commonly heard in ERCs)

Even if you are not holding an event, donations can be made by credit card through the secure portal on the Synod website located at this link: UCA SA - Support UnitingCare

Other payment methods are detailed in the registration forms. Your gift can also be targeted to the UnitingCare organisation of your choice.

‘I am a single mum with boys who are bottomless pits and eat me out of house and home.’
(Said when attending an ERC)

With a week to go until Pancake Day, UnitingCare SA is really looking forward to the results of this year’s Pancake Day Appeal.

I don’t know what I would do without you. (Participant at an ERC)

‘The need is great. Our ERCs are dealing with homeless people who are sleeping in the dunes in summer or on the streets. Some are couch surfing. A consistent message we are receiving from the centres is that they are seeing people who have never approached an ERC before. They had never expected that they would need to. For me, this is what we need to be reflecting upon this Pancake Day,’ said Mark Waters, Director, UnitingCare SA.

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