Update to COVID-19 restrictions in SA

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On Friday, 27th November the South Australian Premier made several announcements relating to the current COVID situation in our state. These changes take effect from today, 1st December 2020. The SA Police and SA Health also provided further clarification for the Public Activities Direction (No 14) also taking effect from today. We are aware of discrepancies between the direction, information and FAQ areas of the government’s websites and revised COVID-Safe Plans that congregations may have received. These discrepancies relate specifically to maximum occupancy and indoor density requirements. This has been raised with the Government of SA and we are currently advised that congregations should follow the restrictions included in their revised COVID-Safe Plan until further notice.

For your information please be advised of the following:

  • The provision for indoor church services stands at one person per 4sqm density. This includes the total number of persons in any single room or enclosed area
  • Ceremonies (church services) are capped at a maximum of 150 in revised COVID-Safe Plans being forwarded to congregations
  • Outdoor gatherings are capped at one person per 2sqm
  • Indoors, food and beverages must be consumed whilst seated
  • No communal food or beverage service areas, including buffet style
  • The new ‘approved’ SA Government QR Code contract tracing system must be enabled by each congregation and they (to the extent possible in the circumstances) must ensure all persons upload their contact details on entry. Where this is not possible (e.g. a person has no smart phone they must maintain contact tracing records in paper form). The individual QR code is to be displayed at each church site and should be received with your revised COVID-Safe Plan.
  • The mySA Gov app required for individuals to record their contact tracing details when attending should be available to download today (you may need to update it if you already use it). The app is intended to make recording contact tracing details safer and easier for people. Further information and fact sheets on this are available here: https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/business-and-work/covid-safe-check-in
  • Weddings and funerals must observe a density limit of 1 person per 4 square metres, unless they are 'invitation only' events, and then the density requirement is 1 person per 2 square metres. If conducted outdoors, the density limit is 1 person per 2 square metres. The number of people is capped at 150. Standing consumption and dancing allowed.
  • Masks are required when attending/visiting all healthcare related settings.

Thank you for your continued efforts in helping to keep our communities safe. Your patience and understanding in embracing these changes is greatly appreciated.

As the information changes rapidly, be assured that the Synod Crisis Management Team (CMT) is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will continue to provide you with updates as soon as possible. It remains the Synod’s highest priorities to continue supporting our staff, communities, congregations and presbyteries across the Synod. All the latest updates from the Synod about COVID-19 can be viewed here: https://sa.uca.org.au/uniting-church-media-releases/covid-19-update

If you have further questions, please continue to work with your presbyteries or contact:

Rev Sue Page, Associate General Secretary
Email: spage@sa.uca.org.au
Phone: (08) 8236 4217

Rev Philip Gardner
Email: pgardner@sa.uca.org.au
Phone: (08) 8236 4268


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