UnitingWorld: six times the impact this month

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UnitingWorld shares an important update on giving this month – your donations will have six times the usual impact!

UnitingWorld has great newsfor anyone wanting to know how to make every single dollar go further for the world’s poorest people. The Australian Government has again come on board with a scheme that invests in your commitment to change – they’ve renewed the Matching Gift Grant in recognition of the excellent work done by accredited agencies like UnitingWorld!

This means your donation to the work of UnitingWorld is worth six times as much for children and young people desperate for life-changing education and training.

UnitingWorld supporters must provide $1 for every $5 made available to UnitingWorld in Australian Government Funding. This annual opportunity is an incredibly important chance for us to support the ongoing work of our partners.

It means more children in school in India, more young people with disabilities given training in Sri Lanka, more midwives saving lives in Sri Lanka.

Please give here before Tuesday 30 June to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.


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