Uniting Foundation success story 2023-2024

By Alice Hammer

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During the 2023 round of Uniting Foundation grant allocations, the committee was pleased to support the work of Mitcham Village Uniting Church with their community garden extension.

'The Patch' has progressed during the year, with the installation of a greenhouse, wicking beds made from old apple boxes (for the community to have individual plots), and a large shed for storing tools.

It is a vibrant area for the Tuesday gatherings, with both gardening and fellowship. Produce from the patch has been sold for the benefit of charities in the church op-shop. This is a thriving project! It’s wonderful to see the Church blessing the community in this way.

If your congregation has a project that needs funding, the Uniting Foundation Grants Committee would encourage you to check out the website for the project criteria and then put in an application. Applications close on Wednesday 31st July 2024 at 5.00 pm. 

For further information or questions regarding eligibility contact Alice Hammer on (08) 8236 4206 or email: Turn on Javascript!.

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