Unexpected Joy - Christmas Appeal 2022

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The Christmas season is a time to celebrate JOY. Churches remember the joy of the gift of a Saviour to the world arriving in the baby Jesus.

Part of our celebration is the giving of gifts, and we always remember the vulnerable at Christmas by ensuring their needs are met. Many congregations arrange Christmas Hampers and gifts of toys to charities.

In past years, the Uniting Church has been in partnership with a retailer, where members of the public could purchase toys and our UnitingCare organisations would arrange their distribution. Unfortunately we do not have that opportunity at present.

However, the Seniors Ministry Unit through Uniting Church Fellowship and Mission Support (UCFAMS) is inviting congregations, friendship and fellowship groups, family and youth ministry groups to dig deep this Christmas by donating personal care gifts to make up pamper packs for vulnerable adults. Items could include bathroom essentials and pamper products such as aftershave, cologne, talc, hairbrushes, perfume, makeup and gift packs. The list below provides some ideas.

This is an opportunity to bring the joy of an unexpected gift for a person experiencing a tough period in their life …. by placing ourselves in another’s shoes, we might give further thought to what an unexpected joy might look like.

Congregations are invited to organise a collection point in church foyers this week – perhaps a Christmas tree or a decorated box/basket to receive unwrapped gift donations. Delivery to participating UnitingCare congregations and organisations should be undertaken prior to the deadlines listed below.

Rural and Regional

  • Uniting Country SA, 60 Florence Street, Port Pirie – before 7th December
    There is opportunity for some rural congregations in the Mid-North to donate to Uniting Country SA at Port Pirie. Uniting Country SA has also listed vouchers for local Port Pirie shops, and this is an idea others might want to take up for local UnitingCare congregations. Donations to the Port Pirie Christmas Assistance Committee need to be received prior to 7th Please contact Uniting Country SA about delivery of donations to their other regional offices.
  • UCare Gawler, 10 Tod Street, Gawler – by 30th November
  • UnitingCare Kapunda, 2-6 Church Street, Kapunda – before 16th December
  • UnitingCare Mt Gambier receives strong support from its local congregations.

City and Suburbs

City and suburban churches and small groups should deliver their gifts to the following participating UnitingCare organisations:

  • UnitingSA, 58 Dale Street, Port Adelaide – before 23rd December
  • Uniting Communities, Community Services, Level 4, 43 Franklin Street, Adelaide – before 2nd December
  • UnitingCare Wesley Bowden, 77 Gibson Street, Bowden – before 28th November
  • UnitingCare Glenelg, 92 Jetty Road, Glenelg – before 2nd December
  • UnitingCare North Adelaide, 193 Brougham Place, North Adelaide – by 2nd December
  • UnitingCare Taperoo, 63 Gedville Road, Taperoo – by 9th December

Congregations might also check with other UnitingCare congregations at Noarlunga, Woodville Gardens, Mount Barker, Modbury, and Salisbury to see if there is an opportunity to share gifts with them.

Gifts may also be delivered via the Moderator at the Uniting Church Synod Office.

Suggestions for gifts include:

  • Ladies’ or Men’s Personal Care
    • Manicure kit
    • Razors (but must be covered and individually packaged, so maybe packs of 3‑5, not bulk)
    • Toothpaste and Toothbrush
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Non scented/scented deodorant roll on and sprays
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Shower body wash or shower cream
    • Body lotions
    • Body spray such as Impulse or Lynx
    • Lip balm/chapsticks

  • Ladies’ Personal Care
    • Perfume
    • Moisturiser/face creams
    • Lipstick
    • Nail polish
    • Hand cream
    • Makeup remover wipes

  • Men’s Personal Care
    • Shaving cream
    • Aftershave

  • General Items
    • Photo frames
    • Vouchers – Kmart, Coles, Aldi, Woolworths
    • Coffee/meal vouchers
    • Port Pirie – New Wave Surf Shop and Coffee Bar, Café One 2 Four, Safavi Café
    • Room diffusers
    • Candles
    • Sunscreen

All gifts need to be delivered in bulk and unwrapped (unless in a boxed set).

Please avoid the following: unwanted items like motel bottles of shampoo or soaps, or unwanted used goods and no perishables.

With thanks for your support.

Enquiries can be made to Rev Sue Ellis, Ex-Moderator and Chairperson of UCFAMS:

Mobile: 0427 162 009 or (08) 8236 4211.


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