Synod Standing Committee Meeting Summary 4th June 2021

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A summary of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from the meeting of the Uniting Church in SA.

The highlights from the 4th June 2021 Synod Standing Committee Meeting are as follows:

General Secretary’s Report

  • The search has commenced for a new Principal for the Uniting College – the Position Description was approved.
  • Synod Strategy and Planning Working Group commenced their work (following the Property Review Report)
  • 2021 NCLS – Synod agreed to fund congregational reports, funds made available to encourage church leaders, lay and ordained, including chaplains to complete the survey
  • Synod Expos Theme: Chasing the Wind of the Spirit
  • Redress Update

Associate General Secretary’s Report

  • Approved amendments to the Parkin Mission of SA Inc. Deed of Settlement
  • Membership of the Synod Membership Review Task Group and Presbytery Restructure Review Task Group; Membership of the SA Churches Together Ecumenical Learning Team.

UnitingCare Report

  • Organisation’s Constitutional amendments and Board appointments

Engagement Ministry Centre Report

  • Update on team activities; staffing update, including farewell to Win Kamaputri

Resources Board Report

  • Overview of 2020 Financial Statements Report
  • Mission and Service Fund statements for quarter 1
  • Acknowledgement of the on-going commitment of congregations to the wider Church through their 2021 Mission & Service Fund contributions

Placements and Safe Church

  • Placements Committee currently discussing Human Resources and Industrial Law and their relationship
  • Continuing to work towards Respectful Communities
  • Redress Scheme matters including the annual congregation Safe Church Audit
  • National online Child Safe Training
  • Acknowledge with gratitude the significant and faithful ministry in Mental Health Chaplaincy by the Rev Mark Boyce (Deacon).

Next meeting – 6th August 2021.


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