Synod Standing Committee Meeting Summary 3rd December 2021

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A summary of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from the meeting of the Uniting Church in SA Synod Standing Committee.

The highlights from the 3rd December 2021 Synod Standing Committee Meeting are as follows:

Associate General Secretary’s Report

  • The updated Schedule A Stipends and Allowances for 2022 was approved:
  • Requested that a letter be sent to Congregation Treasurers explaining the increase to stipends and allowances
  • Approval of disbursement of funds accumulated in the TEQ to presbyteries (20%) and Synod (40%) for 2022 and 2023 with funds to be used for the purpose of subsidising travel.
  • Election of a new governor for Parkin Mission and Parkin Trust.

UnitingCare SA

  • Appointments to boards and committees of Lincoln College Inc., Pilgrim School Inc., Prince Alfred College Council, Resthaven Inc., Uniting Communities Inc., Uniting Country SA Ltd and UnitingCare Glenelg.

Engagement Ministry Centre Report

  • The Engagement Ministry Centre report was tabled and it was noted that Engagement had recently exceeded its budgeted income total for the 2021 Calendar year.

Uniting Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress SA Regional Council

Resources Board/ Property Trust

  • Approved appointments to the Property Trust and Resources Board
  • Noted the Mission and Service Fund financial statements for the quarter ended 30 September 2021
  • Acknowledged that the Mission and Service Fund, due to the financial impact of COVID-19, will not meet its balanced budget target in 2022. Approved the 2022 Mission and Service Fund budget.

Mission and Leadership Development Board

  • Agreed to appoint a Principal/EO Mission and Leadership Development Board (MLDB) for a 2 year period commencing 1st May, 2022 with articulated areas of focus for the interim period. Requested the Joint Nominating Committee (JNC) bring a name to the February Synod Standing Committee Meeting
  • Commended the recent work of MLDB to decrease the 2022 call on the Synod Budget recognising the short-term strategies towards increasing income and request consultation with the Resources Board to achieve their strategies.

Placements and Safe Church

  • Thank the out-going Chair for outstanding leadership of the Synod Sexual Misconduct Committee (SSMC)
  • Appointed a chair to SSMC
  • Approved the Respectful Communities by laws noting an update to include multicultural communities references would go to the February 2022 meeting.


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