Synod Standing Committee Meeting Summary 15th October 2021

By Rev Sue Page

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A summary of the discussions, deliberations and decisions arising from the Uniting Church in SA Synod Standing Committee meeting held on 15th October 2021.

  • Strategic moment – time was spent in table groups discussing the plan for Synod Standing Committee meetings for 2022, including a strategic ‘big thinking’ planning day.

General Secretary’s Report

  • Deferred.

Associate General Secretary’s Report

  • Timing of appointments to Parkin Mission and Parkin Trust, with the election of two governors
  • Appointment to Synod Business Committee
  • Noted the closure of Carrieton and Yorketown congregations
  • Adopted the model of Synod membership make up provided by the Synod Membership Review group for the 2022 Synod meeting.

UnitingCare SA

  • Approval of the rules and regulations of Helping Hand Aged Care Inc. and UnitingCare Wesley Bowden
  • Appointments to boards and committees of Helping Hand Aged Care Inc., Prince Alfred College, St Andrew’s Hospital, UnitingCare Wesley Bowden Inc. and Westminster School
  • Received the letter of resignation of Rev Dr Tim Hodgson from his role as Executive Officer UnitingCare SA in January 2022.

Engagement Ministry Centre

  • Update report tabled.

Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress SA Regional Council

  • Approved the Memorandum of Understanding between the UAICC SA and the SA presbyteries.

Resources Board/ Property Trust

  • Approved the adoption of financial statements as at 31st December 2020 for Stillpoint Community, Generate Presbytery, Presbytery of Southern SA and Wimala Presbytery.

Mission and Leadership Development Board (MLDB)

  • Extended the placement of Rev Dr Sean Gilbert for another 5 years, and commended Sean on his excellent review
  • Appointed Rev Ross Honey to the MLDB
  • Received reports from Acting Principal UCLT, Chairperson of MLDB and Leader’s Group MLD, followed by lengthy discussion on these reports
  • Requested MLDB to progress its work to identify the vision, structure and long-term sustainability of UCLT and Mission Resourcing
  • Synod Standing Committee acknowledged the significant pastoral implications for faculty and staff of the financial challenges faced by MLD Ministry Centre
  • Received with deep sadness the letter of resignation from Rev Professor Andrew Dutney from all roles within the Synod and UCLT
  • Noted that the JNC for Principal of UCLT could not recommend an appointment be made at this time, and that in light of further developments at UCLT, the Position Description (PD) requires review, with a new PD expected to be brought to the December Synod Standing Committee Meeting.

Placements and Safe Church

Deferred until next meeting.

The Synod Standing Committee will meet again on Friday, December 3rd 2021.

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