Synod Expos Update - A message from the General Secretary

By Rev Felicity Amery

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It is hard to believe that the first of our Synod Expos is just over 2 weeks away. We are excited to host the first of the expos on September 18th at Adelaide West and look forward to visiting congregations around the state as the expos are delivered in a number of regional locations across the months of October and early November.

The expos will feature speakers from both within and beyond the church in South Australia and a host of workshops and information that will help us all to take another step in pursuing God’s plans for the church. We look forward to being able to pause, for the opportunity to take time to learn more from each other, and to share stories of challenge and hope.

The theme that is ‘Chasing the wind of the Spirit,’ speaks to God’s activity already occurring around us and the Spirit calls us to follow to where God’s mission is taking the church. To quote Tim Dearborn, ‘It’s not the church of God that has a mission; it is the God of Mission who has a church.’

With the COVID situation, a constant reminder to us of our need to be vigilant it is vital that you register to attend the expos and this can be done in a variety of ways. You can call the Mission Resourcing team on (08) 8236 4243 to let them know your details and they will register you; you can go to the Synod website at this link: and click on the relevant date which will take you to a registration page; or you can email Mission Resourcing at or email the Engagement team at to let them know of your attendance. It would be unfortunate to have to cancel some of our dates due to low numbers so I urge you to register as soon as you can.

The Synod Expos are for anyone in a congregation that is wondering about their congregation’s future and wants to be a part of that future. If you have already registered, please think about the people you might like to also bring along to help them feel inspired and ready to embrace the future of the church.

I am excited to be a part of the Synod Expos and I look forward to seeing you there.

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