Support for UnitingWorld needed now more than ever before

By Bronte Wilson

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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ

All our lives have been impacted in some way by COVID-19. Even if our personal health has not been affected, it is likely our work situation or our way of life has changed. But we are the lucky ones. The lockdowns have brought hunger and loss of livelihoods to the poorest in the world. It has put every one of our partner church communities across Asia, Africa and the Pacific into crisis mode – all at the same time.

The UN estimates half a billion people will be plunged back into poverty as a result of the economic impact of the pandemic. As the Uniting Church in Australia we have worked shoulder to shoulder with our regional partners for decades, fighting systemic poverty and making the good news of God real in people’s lives. Today more than ever, our regional partners need us to stand with them.

My plea to you today is to please continue praying for those facing devastating hunger and poverty. If at all possible, please give generously to UnitingWorld, which acts on our behalf to provide food, hygiene and infection control information where it is needed most. UnitingWorld is also helping to prevent violence towards women and children (which escalates in times of trauma) as well as supporting church leaders with resources to preach and pastor wisely.

Please join me in advocating this worthy cause among the members of your church community. Christ’s call for us to care for the most vulnerable is clear. You may find it helpful to view this video and to distribute it among your friends and family and through your social networks.

Yours in love and peace,

Bronte Wilson


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