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Pilgrim Uniting Church recently received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the United Kingdom. ‘As you may know, we are in our third lock-down here, our churches are closed and life is very restricted. So tuning into your YouTube channel every Sunday morning has been a God send, and those words are not chosen lightly,’ said Dr Brian Steer, who lives in Eastbourne, UK.

He goes on to say ‘we so appreciate the work that goes into the planning of the services, carrying the theme right through and the depth of thought contained in the preaching. And the contribution of your fantastic choir is something we look forward to week-by-week as is the playing of your two fabulous organists.’

Apparently Dr Steer met some of the Pilgrim congregation a few years ago when he was visiting his wife’s relatives here in Adelaide, ‘It is a particular pleasure to return “virtually” each week, and even to see the congregation in shirt sleeves and some fanning themselves while we were huddled in a temperature of -2 degrees Celsius outside!

Dr Steer also added his sincere thanks to the live streaming and production team that make it all happen each week.

Well done to Pilgrim Uniting Church, a well-earned positive out of these very difficult COVID times.


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