Shaping the Future Strategic Priorities

By Rev Sue Page

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In 2020 the Uniting Church Synod of SA embarked on a journey to identify its key missional priorities and directions for the next 3-5 years.

As the South Australian Synod we are committed to being the transforming presence of God, committed to discipling and growing the Church, advocating for justice in the world, being thriving communities of faith, gathering to hear Jesus' message to us and equipping ourselves to respond.

Shaping the Future Strategic Priorities holds us together and connects us to the common purpose of being the Church.

Collaboratively we are all the Synod and there is a place for each one of us. Shaping the Future will work best if we are in conversation, if we can imagine ourselves as an effective team, if we are committed to a common purpose.

To help the church to engage with the priorities we have developed an A3 poster which sets out how to use the ‘wheel’ concept and how to fill in the accompanying ‘action plan.’

Resources are available on the Synod website at this link:

We have also created a brief survey which seeks to ascertain how congregations are using and working through the Shaping the Future Strategic Priorities materials.

We would appreciate your feedback by filling in this 2 minute survey located at:


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