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The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) held their national conference at Poatina in Tasmania earlier this year. From Monday 12 to Sunday 18 January, people from UAICC communities across Australia came to talk, pray, learn and worship. A large group from Adelaide Congress Ministry in Salisbury attended this important event and asked to share the following message:

Adelaide Congress Ministry had 16 people attend the UAICC National Conference. Many from our group went for a particular reason. Prayer. We wanted Congress to inquire of the Lord just as David did. We believe God had a particular purpose for the meeting in Tasmania and we wanted to undergird it with prayer, intercession and declarations of what God is wanting.

Tasmania is a place marked and marred by the very widespread, damaging and extreme colonial effects of invasion on First people. People could feel it in the land.

Being aware of, naming and addressing the spiritual atmosphere and the effects of this on the land and the local First people was very important. Significant moments of acknowledging the pain and hurts of history, lamenting, and also valuing and honouring those who still stand, happened during the conference.

There was a sense of embracing and healing – some of the feelings of hurt, abandonment, doubt or rejection was countered to a degree by a range of actions and events in the conference.

Other stories relating to the UAICC National Conference are available on pages 9-11 of the March edition of New Times available here.

For more information about Adelaide Congress Ministry in Salisbury, please visit their frequently-updated Facebook page or website.

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