Generation Y and Z bringing the X factor

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Christy Rayner shares her experiences working with an inspirational group of young adult leaders as Youth and Young Adults Pastor at Seeds Uniting Church.

Young adults in our culture don’t always get a good rap. When it comes to finding generation Y- and Z-ers who are willing to sacrifice for others, you could be forgiven for feeling it’s a bit of a lost cause. However, I would like to share some good news! Serving as a youth pastor alongside my husband at Seeds Uniting Church we have had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing a whole treasure trove of young adults swimming against the tide of our culture. 

Every Friday, Seeds runs XS youth ministry for high schoolers in the local community. Close to 50 young adults volunteer their time to this important ministry. This incredible team of leaders give of their time, energy and abilities to serve and disciple the youth, who are following close in their footsteps. They are leading by serving, and are calling others to do the same.

Leading small groups, coordinating worship teams, working with sound and tech, committing to set-up, participating in the welcome team, manning the welcome desk and café, lending skills to camp and event planning, contributing prayer, and investigating outreach – these are among the many and diverse ways that young adults are serving whole-heartedly. With support from their peers, these young people are finding places for their gifts to be utilised and their faith walk to be demonstrated in dynamic and practical ways.

The commitment that these young leaders bring demonstrates wisdom beyond their years and deserves commendation. They are defying the culture of the age that leads so many other their age into self-seeking materialism.

The XS leaders are not only providing shining examples for those who are younger, but are also inspiring the entire Seeds church community in their passion for Jesus and desire to serve others.

As they hear and obey this call to lay down their lives in service, these young adults are discovering the truth that is embedded in this call – in giving up your life, you find it!

“For if you want to save your own life, you will lose it; but if you lose your life for my sake, you will find it.” – Matthew 16:25

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