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October 22nd will mark the second anniversary of the apology to the survivors of institutional abuse. This has not been an easy space for the Church.

It is painful to hear the impact of the failure of institutions like ours to listen carefully and act wisely when told of stories of abuse. There is a message from the President Dr Deidre Palmer about the anniversary and an on-line liturgy is being prepared. These can be accessed from the Assembly Website.

While you are there, you might like to register for the webinar On-line Safety for Children prepared for 2020 Children’s Week. The webinar has been produced by the National Safe Church Unit. Part of the motivation for the webinar is the increase of on-line resources, including worship and Christian education, since the beginning of the pandemic. There has been a heartening increase and improvement in on-line engagement yet there are risks involved and this webinar explores some of these. For further information:

The anniversary of the apology and the webinar both point to the continuing task of embedding safe church practices into the life of our congregations. New technologies create new opportunities and new risks. We need to be thoughtful in the way we respond so that the practices to protect people that are already embedded in the life of our congregations are not undone by an absent-minded adoption of new practices.



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