Release of the findings of the IGADF Report: Afghanistan inquiry

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Rev Kaye Ronalds, a member of the Uniting Church Defence Force Chaplains Committee and the Uniting Church Member Religious Advisory Committee to the Services has written in relation to the recent announcements by the Chief of the Defence Force relating to the Afghanistan Inquiry. We would like to summarise this letter as follows for your information

In light of the possible breadth of response that people may have to the release of these initial findings, I write to seek your assistance in communicating the welfare support mechanisms that are available to current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members within our Uniting Church. Those impacted by the IGADF Afghanistan Inquiry may include current and former serving Defence members, their families and potentially those who have interests in Defence personnel who have died as a consequence of their service. There may be members of your congregation who have been directly contacted by the Inquiry or vicariously impacted by close knowledge or relationship with those involved.

The Department of Defence in conjunction with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is committed to ensuring current and former serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families have access to welfare support, at the right time, especially those who are vulnerable or at risk. In addition to the support offered through DVA, welfare networks and Chaplains, I encourage you to offer prayer, care, love and support wherever possible. The Christian Gospel calls us to seek justice and truth telling and it also offers a pathway to wholeness through Christ our Lord, even when there is shame and woundedness. Detailed information and a list of the welfare support services to assist those in need are available on the
Afghanistan Inquiry website.

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