Reflection of the Week - 9th August 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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Awesome Adventure

Luke 12:35-40

Being ready for a holiday takes a lot of planning, thinking, and booking of places to stay, let alone packing. We had even prepared an itinerary of precise locations to stay at, on particular days, checking when specific activities and points of interest were open. We thought carefully about items to fit in the limited space - clothing, food, and equipment. We were set for our Awesome Australian Mid-Year Adventure!

Yet, all of that became obsolete at an unexpected turn of life events. Instead of central Australia and desert country, we needed to be within easy distance of medical assistance and mobile connection. Shocked at first, we grieved over a lost opportunity. Then realised our Awesome Australian Mid-Year Adventure could happen without those precise locations or specific activities.

It was an Adventure that would be Awesome.

Baptism into life with God is too often related to precise ways of being, and specific practices within our religious life. However, ‘being ready’ with our soul’s lamps lit by the Spirit, and being companioned on the road with Jesus, means we are prepared to be immersed into any unexpected awesome adventure that comes before us - even if it is unexpected, and being revealed at a ‘midnight’ moment of life, or at the dawning of new horizons.

“How happy they are if he finds them ready,

even if he should come at midnight or even later!”


© Rev Anne Hewitt 03/08/2022
Source: Churches Together SA enews 3/8/2022


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